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Our Strategy

Investment Thesis:


We identify and seek to buy stock at optimal valuations in established private companies that have revenue, a user base, are disruptive, and are backed by top VCs or Institutions.

Unique Approach:

We transact with multiple shareholders, including founders, executives, current and former employees, seed investors, venture capital firms and other shareholders seeking liquidity, and in some cases directly in primary financing rounds or tender offers. We pride ourselves in transacting confidentially, efficiently and reliably.  

Our Firm:

•    Works discreetly with portfolio companies to provide liquidity to shareholders and/or participate in primary financing rounds;

•    Helps shareholders attain liquidity of concentrated position so they can better diversify, obtain cash for life events, or meet tax obligations;

•    Buys stock from venture capital funds reaching the end of their terms or in need of capital;

•    Works with companies to assist shareholders in need of exercising stock options in cashless stock sales;

•    Follows the recommended transaction process of the portfolio company, navigating complex bylaws and issuers right of first refusal (ROFR) processes 

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